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Davines definitely have the best smelling products. But beyond how they smell & how amazing they make your hair feel they are pretty good at trying to help look after our planet as well as our hair ? In 2006 Davines undertook a path to mitigate and compensate its CO2 emissions.The production site in Parma was provided with energy by renewable sources. The CO2 emissions deriving from the packaging of the best selling products, starting from Essential Haircare line, were compensated. In 2016 Davines set its targets to raise the number of company vehicles with hybrid, hybrid plug-in and electric powering.

In 2017 the company's production site and Parma offices become "carbon neutral" thanks to the compensation of all the non-mitigated CO2 emissions. In 2018 Davines Group can proudly declare that all the packaging of its own products, of every line, are 100% compensated. With the opening of Davines Village, the use of fossil gas is abandoned, replaced by bio-methan and geothermic energy. All the offices of the Group are now "carbon neutral". .

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