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Caring for your wig

It is very important to give your wig lots of care and be gentle with it. Prior to washing, carefully remove all knots and tangles with your brush you received with your new wig.

Fill a bowl or basin with warm water, add some shampoo. We recommend our Oi Davines range. Good products are essential to prolong the life of your wig.

Immerse the wig into the basin, gently agitate the wig to produce a lather (do not rub).

Refill the basin with clean warm water rinsing the shampoo ensuring all residue is washed away. Do not use a high pressure tap/shower on your wig, it is very important to be gentle with it.

Squeeze excess water. Lay your wig on a towel and pat it to further remove water.

Apply conditioner, again we recommend our Davines Oi range, you can also use a mask at this point too if you feel your wig needs it. Try to minimise the amount of conditioner at the root. Our wigs are hand knotted and can/will shed over time, you may accelerate this process if oils or conditioners are applied near the knots.

Rinse the conditioner/mask out thoroughly. Gently pat dry, apply Davines Oi Milk (we recommend you spraying onto your hands first then smoothing over the hair)

When your wig is wet it is at its weakest, please be very careful when combing, start from the tips and work your way towards the root area. Support the hair if it has tangles (also do so when dry)

Watch your comb doesn’t catch on the lace.

Your wig can then be dried on a low heat or left to dry naturally. When using styling tools we recommend using an appliance that can be adjusted, 160 degrees is more than enough.

Your wig will love Davines Oi oil, after it’s been dried but also in between washes too, it will soak it up. This will refresh the ends and also make it smell amazing.

Things to remember!

  • Gentle with the knots

  • Stay out of direct sunlight. Human hair will oxidise (fade).

  • Keep heat to a minimum

  • Your wig will soak oil up, unlike hair from your scalp it doesn’t have a constant supply of sebum (oils we produce) so it will need this.

  • Do not sleep with your wig on. Please enquire about our other options if you want something more permanent.

  • Avoid wearing your wig everyday, if you can, have a 2nd wig to alternate. We offer discount for a 2nd wig purchased.

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