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September 2018

We had a fab time at the Shaba Awards. Faye didnt win her category but did really well getting as far as she did.  Thank you to everyone for your support and your votes.

Aug 18

Meet the team

Left to right ;

Susan who has studied Trichology for two years and specialises in hair loss.  Kirsty, the Lab's Trainee and also a qualified MUA.  Faye, who is nominated and shortlisted for this years SHABA awards, Faye loves to take on a challenge and smash it!! And last but not least, Paula, she is a very experienced stylist who has now been with The Hair Lab for around 3 months and is very popular already with clients.  



31st March 2018 

We are a fully accredited Trichology Clinic.  Which means we are members of a professional association.  This is very important when you choose to seek advice.  We are the only qualified and accredited Trichology Clinic in our area, we are members of The Association of Registered Trichologists, this is protection for the client, as a practising Trichologist there is a Code of Professional Practice and Ethics we have to follow. The industry is not regulated enough and too many people are caught out with this, wasting time and money.  





27th January 2018 


As a Trichologist, I understand how crucial nutrition is to having healthy hair, a healthy scalp and also recovery from many hair loss conditions.  I have studied clinical nutrition with some of the UK's top most respected experts.  Enabling us to deliver to you, accurate nutritional advice.  

We have put together and designed an information packed leaflet for everyone to grow the best hair they can and get the best out of their diets.  Pop into the salon to pick one up.  


4th January 2018

HELLO 2018!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!  It was crazy busy in the salon on the run up to Christmas and New Year, we absolutely love the buzz in the salon but we are glad its all over :) 

We are now looking forward to lauching our very own custom made hair integration systems and hair replacement services.  These services are for clients that are unfortunately experiencing hair loss, we custom make a unit that fits perfectly and uniquely to your own head and can be worn like your own hair meaning you do not have to take it off at the end of the day.  

If anyone has any questions just get in touch - we are more than happy to help. 



1st November 2017
We now have our very own vitamins available at The Hair Lab.  

All about B vitamins & hair loss


The B Complex vitamins are a group of eight water-soluble vitamins essential for metabolism in the body.  If your body is deficient in these vitamins it is going to impact your hair one way or another.  Whether it be the structure of your hair causing breakage or it lacking shine or actual hair loss itself. 


Here’s a few good to know facts…………

Riboflavin also known as vitamin B2, keeps skin and hair strong.  Deficiencies cause hair loss and may be caused by many factors such as alcoholism, over active thyroid and being elderly.  You can get B2 through eggs, leafy greens, lentils, chickpeas, milk and grains.

Pantothenic Acid also known as vitamin B5, supports the adrenal glands which help stimulate hair growth.  B5 can be found in eggs, beef, chicken, avocado, nuts and potatoes.

Pyridoxine also known as vitamin B6.  If your body is deficient in B6 you may experience skin problems, like dermatitis.  Kidney disease, auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, malabsorption issues or alcoholism can cause deficiencies.  You can find B6 in whole grains, leafy greens and meats.   

Biotin known as B7, helps improve the keratin infrastructure, which is the main protein within the hair.  Deficiencies can be caused by smoking, impaired liver function, eating too much egg whites – egg whites contain a protein that binds to the Biotin and prevents it from being absorbed by the body. Pregnancy can also cause deficiencies because of the rapidly dividing cells of developing foetus requires Biotin

Cobalamin also known as vitamin B12, is responsible for cellular metabolism and red blood cell formation.  When a cell reproduces, one of the first things it has to do it copy the cellular DNA - hair growth is dependant on this process.  Therefore, deficiencies can cause hair loss and prematurely whitening of the hair, which is reversible upon correcting the deficiency




Sunday, 29 th October 2017
Scotlands Business Awards 

The Hair Lab was absolutely honoured to be finalists in Scotlands Business Awards 2017.  Unfortunately we did not come home with any awards but we had an amazing night.  Any excuse to get dressed up ;)


 19th October 2017

The Hair Lab Kirriemuir 1 year old today!!!

We can hardly believe that The Lab 1 year old already! It has been such a quick year. We had lots of birthday cupcakes in the salon today as a  big thank you to all our clients xxx 



28th June 2017

I am so super excited! I have been studying really hard for the last two years, the hard work paid off. I was awarded with a merit pass. I am now a fully qualified Trichologist and fully accredited and registered with the Association of Registered Trichologists.  I have enjoyed every single step of the course with the expert guidance from one of UK's top Trichologists, Mr Brian Plunkett and of course is team.  

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